DB and Boo

Dry Bones on a boo

Dry Bones Card

A rare Mario Card of Dry Bones

Dry Bones is a weird pile of living bones forming a skeleton Koopa. He is friends with some strange Knight of Mushroom Kingdom who is somehow related to Luigi. He is also friends with Tumble, The knight's brother, and a purple plumber. He died for unknown reasons and not much is known about him but he is found in many spin off games. Some say he was born in the early days of the Videogame War. Recently Prof. E. Gadd found this skeleton in the back of his dad's closet, so his father had gone in from questioning for murder. A local says that he saw the bag of bones walking around the town at night, so the police watched the creature's grave day and night until all of them got mauled to death or something.

It turns out Dry Bones hated everyone so much that his hatred resurrected him. Dry Bones recently acquired all the skills of Ezio Auditore da Firenze from eating a cursed ravioli, so he is now an assassin. He wants to kill Mario, Peach, Bowser and Rosalina because they have the sweet gift of life. He also wants to kill Justin Beeper because her music sucks Shrek doo-doo. He was last seen in a 79 star hotel "boning" Daisy, as she could not kill him because he is already an undead PIMP MACHINE!!


Images Description
Dry Bone Man
Dry Bone Army
Th DryBonesBanana

Dry Bones got some groove in him

Dry Bone Dancing