Dry mario

Dry Mario: a skeletal plumber.

Dry Mario is a skeleton-like version of Mario. It is possible that he is Mario's undead father, but it is more likely that he is a Mario that lost a life. Since Mario later respawned, this guy is useless. He also ruled Antarctica during the War of 1812. Before his death, he helped the slowly growing company The Weegee Company make graphics and sound.


Dry Mario's exact origin is unknown. However, is speculated by most historians (namely, the Ancient Geeks) that Dry Mario is another version of Mario that lost a life. However, there is a fallacy in this theory: the symbol on Dry Mario's hat is different from the hat that Mario always wears, indicating that Dry Mario is indeed a separate entity from Mario himself. Further supporting evidence that Dry Mario and Mario were both alive at the same time, meaning that they cannot be the same person.

Matusevich Glacier

The icy, barren desert of Antarctica, ruled by Dry Mario, which was formed when the planet Moth collided with the UnWorld.

Life as a Ruler

After mysteriously emerging from a glacier in Antarctica, Dry Mario spent his life as the Antarctican ruler and dictator. He enslaved the only inhabitants of Antarctica, some alien birds from the planet Moth known as "penguins", and used them as his army during the War of 1812. Unfortunately, most of these penguins were kidnapped by Hitler to serve as Nazis, and the ones that weren't served as Dry Mario's army in the ensuing war: the War of 1812. In this war, Dry Mario lost his entire army and was credited with the mass extinction of the penguin species, of which there is only one survivor to this day.



During the war, Dry Mario died due to a surprising cause. He was not killed in battle, but passed away due to sickness. Now, although Dry Mario is a skeleton and technically cannot get sick, he was infected by Green Cheese, which he ate one day by accident. This caused his untimely demise, and as a result, the Antarctican army died and the penguin species was, again, driven to extinction.


  • Dry Mario's name is a portmanteau of Dry Bones and Mario.
  • The "X" on Dry Mario's hat is the only clue to his true identity, which nobody can figure out.
  • Antarctica was formed when the small, icy planet of Moth was knocked out of its orbit by a rubber asteroid and smashed into the UnWorld, where everyone who has been mentioned on UnMarioWiki (and some people who haven't) lives.
  • Dry Mario's death revealed that any living thing in existence can be killed by Green Cheese.