E4 (also known as the Electronic Evil Embellishment Expo) was a convention hosted by various shame

The original E4 logo. Later, after the Shy Guy Mafia bombing, it was changed to a burning pile of rubble. Or was that the entire building?

developers, such as Nintendo and Sony, to showcase their newest shames and shame consoles. Unfortunately, the official E4 building was later bombed by the Shy Guy Mafia and E4 had to be discontinued.


E4 was founded in 1900 by the Ancient Geeks and Shigeru Miyamoto to make their shames sound like something worth buying. The whole point was to make people interested in Nintendo's shames, specifically. Of course, Nobody has time to go to videoshame conventions when they obviously have better things to do. Thus, E4 did not garner much money for Nintendo and they began to lose money. Shigeru Motorola Miyamoto began to worry that hosting E4 every year was more trouble than it was worth, but the Ancient Geeks had an idea. They decided to let SonySega, and even PHILIPS present at E4 as well. Naturally, Nintendo was no longer significant in the public eye, and Shigeru Motor Oil Miyamoto grew frustrated with the Ancient Geeks. That was the terrible day the Ancient Geeks were expelled from Nintendo. This caused a chain reaction of unfortunate occurrences that eventually brough E4 down to the floor.


When E4 was split between Nintendo and other game developers, many people became enraged. Crowds of

The E4 building being bombed by the Shy Guy Mafia.

N00BZ stampede through the streets, crying for Nintendo to stop letting other companies present at E4. Unfortunately, some of those people were members of the Shy Guy Mafia. They remain anonymous to this day, but it was reported that a Shy Guy mask and a gun were found at the scene of an especially violent protest, so the evidence still exists. Anyhow, the Shy Guy Mafia made their presence known by sending Fly Guys over the E4 building to drop nitroglycerin on it. Since Nintendo didn't have enough money to pay for another building, the Electronic Evil Embellishment Expo was canceled... Permanently.


  • The Ancient Geeks were banished from Nintendo and never worked there again, despite being the company's original founders.
  • There were multiple internal conflicts within the Shy Guy Mafia, since not all of its members had initially approved of the E4 bombing. Eventually, one conflict led to another and the Shy Guy Mafia split into two groups. One group was the Cheese Haters, who had initially been against the bombing and subsequently devoted their lives to destroying all cheese, which nitroglycerin is made from. The other group was the Shy Guy Armada, which was comprised entirely of Shy Guys and secretly had ties with Anonymous. Incidentally, the Shy Guy Armada eventually gave rise to the notorious Evil Guy and his ragtag gang of villains.
  • Nintendo loses lots and lots of money. For a time, it was believed that nothing could save Nintendo from bankruptcy. Then, Mario arrived on the scene and saved Nintendo from certain doom.