Cute, no?

El Diario de Bowser is a telenovela that`s currently running on the SMK TV starring Bowser and his diary!


Bowser Monroy is a guy who lives with his family in his house and has a diary where he writes EVERYTHING. One day BTK pays a guy (the evil ice cream seller) to lock Bowser`s mom in the locker so his dad `d think she`s dead. Bowser`s dad gets sad but Bowser feels his mother is the Easter Bunny and writes it on his diary in Greek so nobody would read. Bowser still thinks that and the teleovela is still on TV. Bwa ha ha ha this is so bwa ha ha EVIL!!! EVIL!!! 20 times EVIL!


  • Bowser
  • Bowser`s mom
  • Bowser`s dad
  • Diary
  • BTK


  • Many people didn`t like the show because it`s aired only in Japanese and no one understands that neither knows if this language exists.
  • Bowser`s diary was stolen later un the show and he cried for an century.
  • Bowser was fired coz he tried to frame the show.

Possible Sequel?

Despite the very bad AND SUCKISH audience, the show is gunna hava a sequel: Stupid Mario Galaxy: Bowser's Diary. The IGN nerds (ppl who R 24/7 on compooper to sysop IGN and gossip about electronic stuffz) have complained about this seuqel and the gossips are spreading on IGN about the possible plot. A revolt has been made by Game Stoppers (Elite of GameSpot ppl) to steal IGN's information about the new show (shame?)

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