The E.T.O.T having a meeting

The Elite Team o' Terror (Experimental Little Intelligence TErrorists Trying Evily And Maniacly Overseeing Terifyingly Evil Rowdy, Raucous Outstanding Ruses) are an elite faction of the Bad People mostly doing life threataning things like stealing Baby Dubya's candy or popping balloons. A lot of them are very smart but most of them are pretty dumb, confused? good.


Once Bowser was bored and decided to form an elite terrorism team so he got a bunch of Freaks, Guys and various Koopa Mafia members. They all liked cheese and didn't like Mario, althrough some of them have been reduced to sprite form so those ones hate New Mario. Most of them were drafted or bribed into the group. But a grand total of two joined by free will. Their headquarters is a distant abandoned flat floating about in Subway Space. The offspring of Shigeru Miyamoto live in their basement. Later Bowser got into a fight with Toad about who stole his socks so they had a war with the Association of Board Hosts until they found out it was a certain local town idiot that had stolen the socks, so they made him eat a Waluigi. Their most recent dastardly scheme involved them protecting Dolphin Island from Mario and Wario in Super Mario & Wario Moonshine. Because of these events, there have been thoughts on closing down the operation as the team found down to their last bit of money after paying for damages Mario and Wario caused.

Members That Joined By Free Will

Members That Were Drafted/Bribed


Occasionally these people with give the team a call, invite them over for DINNER, lend them books, or help them develop a superweapon or two. They are all supervillans

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