They were very tasty.

Evil Biscuits (sometimes known as Evil Burritos,Evil Biscuitritos, Yummy Cookies, and Biscuits of evilness) are a race of super burritos created by New Mario and Wamario to destroy Nintendo. Their genes are as follows: 50% Chocolate chip cookie, 10% Goomba,30% Burritos, and 40% Bob The Builder. They were very tasty, so only 7650 of the 9000 sent ever made it to the Nintendo offices.

The Attack

The biscuits arrived at the Nintendo offices at 14:35'12 on July 2nd 1994, armed with pitch forks, laser beam eyes,wizard powers,cloning powers,bombs,and guns.. They proceeded to destroy the offices, before long they got tired and had a nap. While they were sleeping Shigeru Miyamoto snuck in through the back door and started eating them. When the remaining biscuits awoke there were strangely 67 million of them there, but there was a picture of Miyamoto eating a cookie and they got scared. So those little piggies ran all the way home shouting WEE-WEE-WEE!!! But they were on a toll road, the toll being $4 per passenger, they only had 39 cents so they stayed and turned into Your Grandma. The end.

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