Evil Bones is the Dry Bones version of Evil Guy. He is also a member of The Sacred Bonemans. Note: He only exists
Evil Bones

The skeletal Evil Bones, holding a cigar. Yes, he's even fat as a skeleton.

in the future. None of this has happened yet.


Once upon a time I was bored so i created this OC. In the distant future, after Evil Guy's death, his skeletal remains were resurrected by Napoleon Bonaparte by complete accident. His revival technique had gone haywire after he stubbed his toe, and it hit Evil Guy's corpse by pure chance. Then, Evil Guy awoke as Evil Bones and strangled Napoleon simply because he "startled him awake". Evil Bones promptly went on a rampage until he met The Sacred Bonemans.

Meeting the Sacred Bonemans

Evil Bones was promptly accepted into The Sacred Bonemans by Fat Bones, who immediately identified with him and his "well-rounded character". The leader, Dry Bones, did not object, saying that Evil Bones would make a fabulous addition to the team. Evil Bones promptly went through the time-honored rite of passage of eating one of Fidel Castro's body parts. Then, he was accepted into the team as an honorary member.

Additional Information

Further information is unknown. For more info on the future, contact Oobooglunk or Silver the Hedgehog.

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