Evil Guy Tower is Evil Guy's tower, located in the Red Forest. It was built by Evil Guy with the help of the Shy Guy Armada, and can transform into a giant robot at the press of a button. Evil Guy eats, drinks, sleeps, and lives in this tower,
Evil guy tower

Evil Guy Tower, standing tall above the Red Forest.

but goes out once in a while to wreak havoc.


In Question Marks Adventure

During the events of Question Marks Adventure, this tower was destroyed by ?. However, it was rebuilt for Question Mark's Second Adventure, but was destroyed by ? also. Then, Evil Guy protected his Tower in a steel coat, and it was no longer destroyed by ?, because she died in her second adventure. After Evil Guy started appearing in the Mario Shames, this tower was never seen again.


Then, Nintend'oh revived it from the dead and created SUPER MARIO: JOO ROFFLE MY WOFFLES. In this game, Evil Guy stole the Waffle, and put it in his tower. However, Mario got it back, and somehow the tower blew up by itself. It was rebuilt by Evil Guy and his minions.

In The Super Evil Guy Super Show
Evil guy tower 2

Evil Guy Tower in its transformed state.

It recently appeared in The Super Evil Guy Super Show, where it was destroyed again in the episode The End of Evil Guy Tower. Since Evil Guy Tower had been reinforced by Evil Guy and his minions, it was not easy to destroy and was demolished over a series of episodes, starting with The Cupcake Cannon.


Also See: Evil Guy Tower II

A brand-new Evil Guy Tower was made in Season 6 of The Super Evil Guy Super Show, known as the Evil Guy Tower II. It was originally created by Wario, who re-modeled Reverend Tryclyde's church into his own fortress, with Wario's own face on it. Then, after he hired Evil Guy and his minions to work for him, Evil Guy secretly converted the tower into his own fortress, with his own face on it instead of Wario's.

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