Family Feud: Bowser is the most random show ever hosted by someone chosen in random.

The Start

Everything starts with two families at each side: Bowser family on left and another family on right. Then Random person asks something to a randomly-chosen family

Questions like

  • Who is me? O RLY?
  • Abcdefgh what is a rock?
  • I have two apples then i ate two and there is a girl asking me for one, what is a robot?
  • Bill Gates has a gate if two Bill Gates have two gates how many gates did Sony sell to PS3?
  • 1 is lonely, 2 is company, 3 is crowd, what is water?
  • If you are an apple, how many trees do you eat a day?
  • If Iwata has a head, how many heads does the Headless Horseman has?
  • Are these questions random or who is Santa Claus?
  • If the T-5000 is metal, is a rock on my head?


  • Then Random Person sends the families to a pool to play soccer, who kicks the ball is a loser.


  • Random person now puts one family member inside a soundproof booth and asks exchange X for Y? Yes or No? The family member must answer YES or NO. Random person asks like this:
  • Would you like to exchange a mansion for an olive? (in most cases the family member says yes)
  • Would you like to exchange a Plasma TV 108 for a RAT??? (people never say no)
  • Would you like to exchange Bob The Builder for Mario??? (no!)
  • Would you like to exchange a Xbox for a Xbox? (Yes!)
  • Would you like to get out or continue this nincompoopness? (no!)


  • Random person now puts a pile of pies and families must dirt each other with pies (if you hit the TV you get 10 points and if you hit nobody you get nothing)


  • The winner gets a buck and the loser gets 100 bucks.

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