Family Goes on a Picnic is the second episode of season 2 of Everybody Loves Bowser.


The family go on a less than perfect picnic and a character makes a dramatic return... Staring the big man himself, Bowser Jr., the Koopalings, Bowser's Wife and some other morons that got killed during filming

Guest Star: Weegee


Scene 1

Bowser goes down to the kitchen to find the family dumping their breakfast's in the bin

Iggy: Were hungry!
Morton: Yeah King Dad, I havent had no foiyd in daiys!
Lemmy: Give us food OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE!

Bowser eats the table and grabs Lemmy

Bowser: I'll OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE! you, you little...
Ludwig: Hey what about the remaining I mean food you were saving over for nuclear autumn, we could have a picnic (Ludwig thenn does his trademark stupid laugh)
Bowser: My secret stash, never i say! NEEEEVERRRRRRRR!

10 seconds later the family are in the Doomcar with the food *cough*gruel*cough* and are going down to Hyrule park

Larry: I'm bored!
Bowser Jr.: I'm hungry!
Roy: I think I ate my pancreas...

Bowser goes crazy and drives the car into a river of boiling milk

Everyone: MY SKIN!

Scene 2

They somehow arrive at the park drenched and burned

Bowser's Wife: Oh no! I left the milk at home!
Bowser: Bowser picks up the basket and feeds it to George W. Bush
Roy: Uhh King Dad, that was what had my spare pancreas inside...
Wendy: Mmmmm. Pancreas....

Roy drops down dead as usual while Bowser goes into a Quick-E-Weegee

Bowser: I want milk!
Weegee(using sign language): Here take this, it'll be 1,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 mushroom dollars
Bowser: What a bargain!

Bowser statches up the milk and drinks it, he then goes through some sort of seizure and goes out of it with a top hat, cape, monacle and cane

Giga Bowser: Nya Bwahahahaha!

Giga Bowser runs out of the shop and jumps into a funny clown balloon

Scene 3

The family are looking over the body of Roy

Larry: I think he's dead
Ludwig: Well all he ever talked about is ballet

Randomly, Giga Bowser appears in his clown balloon which is ripping up Guys with it's propeller blades and drives over the family

Giga Bowser: I say now, prepare to plunge through the gates of damnation and into the fiery pits of Hell!
Iggy: Argh my glasses! Argh my hair!
Larry: Argh my face!
Bowser Jr.: Argh my cynical brat personality!

Roy comes back to life for no reason

Roy: Hey my afro's grown back as well, sweet!

His hair is shaved by the propellers and he is completly bald

Roy: Gawd Dangit!

Cliche 'bad luck' music plays and the screen fades to black

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  • Don't buy milk from Weegee
  • Don't crash your car into hot milk


  • Bowser had to undergow phyciatric treatment because he couldn't revert from being Giga Bowser and kept killing everyone and stealing their Cheese
  • This article was written by Darkshroob1996! and I forgot to log in.