The great heroes.

The Fantastic Four are four people who try to save the world from the X-Men however are always eating ice cream when the X-Men attack. The group consists of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Yoshi all "trying" to fight and save the day. The SMK Radio interviewed them one day and they said "We're cool". Because each member of the team is always busy doing some Shames for Nintendo the Fantastic Four really don't do anything but eat ice cream and get interviewed. They're cool though. They each have super powers which they can't do while they're outside their super hero suit (except for Mario's Fire Power). Their powers are Fire (mario), Invisibility (Peach), Stretching (Luigi) and turning into a powerful dino (yoshi).

The Nucular War against the X-Men

3 days ago, the X-Men has invaded the president's secret lair to make the president deliver this epic and important message. "Ha ha, we gonna kill ya all!" Everyone yelled and ran for their lifebut couldn't! Then, just today the X-Men the world their mighty plan! To invade plants and stuff and rule the world! But then, The Fantastic Four  declared a war on the X-Men to stop their evil plans! Though, no one really felt better, the four is still ready to take on the bad guys! The war begins soon! Everyone be prepared! NOTE!!!! YOSHI WAS KILLED WHEN HE JOINED THE Video Game Wars Sadly He was killed by Pookachu.

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