Castro in his normal expression

Fidel Castro is a Cuban nerd who was in charge of Cuba during the Cuban Cigar Crisis but was immediately kicked out after it ended, but it was not because all of Cuba's cigars were now gone but because he ate all of the world's supply off Fishsticks. He is the arch rival of George W. Bush and he then went to work as a fisher in Panama. After that he moved to France to become and editor for the country's most popular newspaper but his job was to brag about how much he sucked. Then he moved The Mushroom Kingdom to try and look for a job but ended up being one of Peach's slave labourers making sweatbands for Tyrannosaurus Alan. He made a cameo in the game Obey Wario, Destroy Mario!, in the introduction movie, making sweatbands for Alan as usual. He is also a Communiſt. He created the Virus of Communism to make the US people become communist.

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