Final spaghetti edited-1

A poster for Final Spagetti, which has a cupcake.

Final spaghetti is an RPG (Rocket Parrot Garbage) game for the Nintendo SD Phat. In the game, the evil Evil Guy is attempting to destroy everything, and Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi must team up to kill him.


You start off controlling mario, who is looking for hs donut which he lost. Eventually, Mario finds Luigi, who tells Mario that evil guy is back. Mario ignores him, beats up Wario and gets his donut back. But the donut turns out to be F***ing Magical or Something. The donut forces them to team up and take down evil guy, and also gives them super powers. The Quartet then go and collect 4 golden cupcakes and use them to powerfully power up their powerful powers and smash evil guy through the Fourth Wall. Evil Guy will come back and eats them all. if you don't complete anything in this game, The game ends with Evil Guy laughing evily. if you complete anything in this game, you get to fight Evil Guy. After a long and hard battle that leaves Evil Guy snarling in pain, Mario recovers the golden cupcakes and Evil Guy Dies. To celebrate, Luigi throws an party a few days later with a parade, featuring characters from the whole game.


Bassically, you just walk around until monters jump out and randomly challenge you to a fight to the death. Each of the characters can use stuff to kill monsters, as well as plungers and Mexican Dwarf Mushrooms.


The final boss is The King who uses his Burger King Attacks to pwn all of the noobs in Hyrule. The True Final boss is the Evil Guy, He has every attack in the game.


It is almost impossible to beat The King, despite him being the most laziest person in Hyrule.

There is no speghetti in this game,despite it being called Final Spaghetti.

There is spaghetti there is speghetti i know it i just do...MWAHAHAHA!

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