Finding the Fingerprint is the first episode ever made on the TV show CSY: Crime Scene Yorkolsplatz.


Luigi got murdered, so Mario and Peach had to find out who did it. Mario tried hitting on Peach, so Peach ate his arm off. Then, they found a fingerprint on the murder weapon that was left. They find out that the fingerprint belongs to Evil Guy, and they arrest him.


EvilGuy Dance

Evil Guy dancing up a storm.

  • The writers realized that, since this episode is only, like, two or three minutes long, they needed filler stuff to get the episode to the one-hour mark. Therefore, 57 minutes of this episode has Evil Guy dancing in prison.
  • When Mario bends over to look at the fingerprint, for, like, two milliseconds, you can see his butt crack!! It's right there! You can see it!! BUTT CRACK!! EEK!! EEK!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!

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