Bowser Jr.



Bowser looks though his telescope of DOOM.

Bowser: Urg! That Mario's a roach you can't crush!

Bowser Jr.: Daddy! I want a pair a wings! NOW!

Bowser: Great idea sonny!

Bowser Jr.: But--

Scene 2

Bowser buys a pair of wings.

Mario: I've gotcha now Browse--

Bowser: Not so fast, Mario! Watch this!

Mario: Ha! What?

Bowser flies up to a cloud and lands

Mario: Okay! Just don't look down!

Bowser: Don't look--

Bowser looks down

Bowser: Ugh. My son ALWAYS HAS TO get me in a pinch, right sonny boy?

Bowser Jr.: Right!

Bowser: Well...

Bowser eats a chunk of cloud.

Bowser: Mmmmm, yummy!

Bowser Jr.: Hey! How come YOU always get all the fun?!

Bowser: I dunno. I guess i just hate you.

Bowser Jr. :'(

Bowser Jr.: I'll summon my friend <(o'.'o)>!!!

Bowser: What's he gonna do? Swallow me?!

Bowser Jr.: Exactly!!

Bowser: Gulp.

Bowser Jr.: Yep, one gulp!

Bowser: AHHHH!

Bowser Jr.: Yep, he'll say "aaah" when he swallows you.

Bowser: ...



<(o'.'o)> is pronounced "Kirby".

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