Foes New and Old is the sixteenth episode of The Super Evil Guy Super Show!.


New Luigi joins New Mario to defeat Evil Guy.


Scene 1

One day at New Mario's Lab, NEW MARIO expects a visitor... Then someone was knocking on the door. NEW MARIO goes to the door and opens it.

NEW MARIO: Hello... New Luigi!
NEW LUIGI: Hi, bro.
NEW MARIO: Since my older minion is dead, you're his replacement.

NEW MARIO and NEW LUIGI start making a plan to defeat Evil Guy, suddenly SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT walks in.

NEW MARIO (thoughts): Ugh... why did he come here?

They discuss what they're doing, and 'SOME TINY MORON THAT NOBODY CARES ABOUT joins them.

Scene 2

NEW MARIO and co. walk to Evil Guy's Toad Town House, when it is raining. They enter through the front door.

NEW MARIO: Here we are! Now let's go after Evil Guy!
???: Not so fast!

Out of nowhere, PICKLE, FERNANDO, and SHADOW KIRBY appear.

FERNANDO: If you want to face Evil Guy, you have to go through us first!

A quick battle happens, and Evil Guy's minions are defeated quickly. NEW MARIO and co. find Evil Guy, who was taking a nap. They tie him up in his sleep.

NEW MARIO: Yes! This day belongs to us!
???: Not so fast!

A STICKMAN jumps into the room.

STICKMAN: Yesterday, you blew up my brother!

The Stickman beats up NEW MARIO and co., and he unties Evil Guy, who was about to wake up.

EVIL GUY: Zzzzzzzzzzz... Huh? What happened here?

EVIL GUY notices that everyone (Except the Stickman, who broke his leg when triping onto a rock.) is KO'd. He goes back to is nap, however.

NEW MARIO: What happened? Come on New Luigi!

NEW LUIGI is still knocked out. Fade to black.


Morals of the Story

  • Don't do something evil in the last episode, though it could be too late.


  • The Stickman has appeared in few of the later episodes, including the series finale.

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