Fox: LIVE aka FOX: LIVE, COLOURED AND RELOADED in UK was a special talk show in the SMK TV (also aired in the UK by BBC) featuring Fox and his barrel rolls arwings. The show was great and stuff but then Bob the builder joined it then it became horribly suckish, Hannah Montana also joined and made it even worse.

The Show

  • Sing a Song with King Singalong - You have to sing a song or DIE!
  • DO A BARREL ROLL! - Get an arwing and do barrel rolls in a tiny room (don't crash or else you shall die)
  • Bash YOUR WII - You call the program and send your wii so it gets busted.
  • Fox INTERVIEWS - Fox interviews a random person.
  • YouTube Poop Fest - Lotsa YTP


  • The show got a raw -78 or less of audience every time
  • UK banned the show after Bob The Builder cussed the queen "UR FAT HAG!!"
  • The show was canceled after so many changes on it
  • Fox got sued coz he called Sony a trash company with trash consoles made of garbage and dust.

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