Fracktail, having one of his spasms

Fracktail is a gigantic robotic snake that claims to have the ability to fly but actually is just lifted into the air by several invisible Fly Guys that often either die of starvation or weakness or quit because he never pays them. He often looks for any Cheese he can find to use as rations for his Fly Guys even if it is berley edible. Whenever he sees Count Bleck he freaks out into a giant spasm because he thinks Bleck is going take his Yoga DVDs (WTF?). He was origally created by the Chinese to take out George W. Bush but it went beserk and freed all the slave labourers and came the Mario World. He appears in Paper Bloo as the Cheese's monster man who has waffle vision. If he eats a Fire Flower his system will crash.

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