The Game Triangle is Nintendo's newest system. In addition to having backwards compatibility with the Playstation, it will double as a toaster and be able to play episodes of Teletubbies. (Shigeru Miyamoto, a huge fan of the Teletubbies series, designed this feature himself.) To simply say: IT ROCKS!


The Game Triangle was first conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto's pet rat, a famous genius responsible for several of Nintendo's accomplishments. Initial drafts of the Game Triangle show that its pointy end when be able to be used to stab in-game characters via the television; however, such a feature was removed due to the laziness of the Game Triangle's designer.

Technical Specs

The Game Triangle's glasses will be very hi-tech. They will be some of the most technical specs of all time, including the all-newly discovered thingies called Buttons, which will come in "A", "B", "X", and "Y" varieties.

Game Library

A total of thirty games are planned for the Game Triangle, only one of which. Can We Fix It? and it's sequel Can We Fix It 2? has been released. Two of the very hyped soon-to-be released games are Super Mario 128 and its sequel, Super Mario Moonshine and its sequel and Super Mario Luigi 64


The Game Triangle had a very nice wedding reception (it is now bride to Pikachu), and critics have called its wedding cake "par".

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