Geno, also known as ♥♪!? is a doll that is alive somehow. He was made for some kid but he used Geno Whirl and killed him. He first appeared in a [[Mario shame in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stamps. However, since Square Enix owns him, he has never appeared in a Mario shame since. In fact, he never appeared again, so he started killing a lot of guys in the First Fantasy universe. He also takes their wallets.

Before he was a star, Geno actually looked the same, but he got a case of Retarditis in SMRPG and forgot, and just "thought the doll looked the strongest." The doll was an action figure of Geno, the sex slave of Captain America in World War II. His greatest achievementwas his defeating of the Trouselbarf Xtreme in World War II, Fawful's prized possession, which later turned into Tario's clone, Squario.]]

Geno in the squirrel form.

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