George's Carpet Adventure

The American Poster of the feature film


UK Poster of George's Carpet Adventure

George's Carpet Adventure is the movie that's a sequel to George W. Bush's Idiot Adventures.


One stupid day at the white house, George W. Bush was picking his nose when Squadala Man flew through his window. Squadala Man wanted to fight for no reason. Bush peed his pants.Suddenly, George W. Bush's secretary ran through the wall and started to beat the crap out of Squadala Man with her amazing kung-fu skills. Dubya jacked Squadala Man's carpet and flew off! He flew through the world and got into bad stuff. 

George with Squadala Man.

In the end, he collided into Dr. Rabbit's magical hot air-balloon. He then fell down into the white house and got beat up by Squadala Man. Dr. Rabbit fell from the sky and killed George. The secretary appeared and beat everyone up and went back in time to save George with a time machine.

George stole the time machine and made an army of Georges using it. The Bushes then did stupid things. This made a rip in space and the universe exploded! Bill Gates rebooted the universe and everything went back to normal.


George's Carpet Adventure was removed from theaters after a day because of its extreme violence and it wasn't very entertaining to the audience. But still, the movie was released to DVd and Blu ray by Unmario home entertainment.


  • Don't make copies of yourself or you create a time paradox!

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