George Volcano
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A picture taken of George Volcano in Paris, France, yelling, "I'LL HAVE YOU FOR BREAKFAST!"

Real Name: George W. Volcano
Birth: 4 515 323 123 B.C. (Earth's creation)
Age: 4 515 325 135 years old
Health: Currently in a state of FILLING HIS WATER WITH VOLCUMICITY!!
Family and relatives: (see George Volcano's Family)
Impostor(s) George W. Bush (suspected impostor)
Death: Not dead

George Volcano (not to be mistaken with a failure called George W. Bush) is a Volcano who drinks lots of Volvic Revive. Due to this, he rivals Tyrannosaurus Alan in drinking Volvic Revive. He first appeared in Obey Wario, Destroy Mario! and its sequel. In these two games, he gives Alan Volvic Revive. However, he drank so much Alan had to go to the bathroom. In the sequel George tried to explain something to Alan, yet he offered him some more Volvic Revive. This, however, was a huge mistake. Alan drank so much, it was starting to turn him into Viking Alan. Before he turned into a Viking, George Volcano said "SILENCE!" (Note: He said that exactly like Dr. Eggman.) and Alan stopped being crazy. George points out that the Volvic Revive's water is auctually evil, yet it was too late, as Alan became a Viking. Later in the story, Wario finds Alan and George Volcano, and Wario decides to fight George. After the fight, George says that Yoshi and Oogtar are after Wario, yet Wario ignores this. He also appears in The Faces of Volcanicity, where he makes Volvic Revive Factories in West Hyrule, and Link must stop him before George Volcano creates the Mega Volvic, unleashing lotsa lotsa Volvic Revive on the world. During this, George hired Gray Gargoyle, Ganon, Watoad, Militron, and Mouser to run five of the factories, while he ran the sixth. He Also Appears Briefly in Episode 5 of Gaben 10 where when Gabe is being chased through time he falls into a volcano that shoots him up into the air and transports him to the next time period. As Gabe leaves you can hear George Say "Well done to Revive!" He is also responsible for creating BREAKFAST in 5000 BC.

He is also rumored to be an impostor of George W. Bush.

People who CAN kill him

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