Get to Work Boys! is the first episode of the Sunday Boringcade.


Mario and Luigi are attacked by an enemy not introduced in Mario Bros. - A lone Goomba.


One day, MARIO and LUIGI decide to get some money after going bankrupt in the fast-food business.

MARIO: I have an idea! Let's go into the Plumbing buisness!
LUIGI: Great idea! Let's make one starting in the cellar!

MARIO and LUIGI start to go to work. However, the cellar's starting to flood.

MARIO: This wasn't as easy as I thought...

One year later, MARIO and LUIGI finally make their plumbing, and they got their first request to fix some pipes.

MARIO: Ah-ha! Here's the problem! It's just some Fungi!

MARIO poked the Fungus with plastic gloves. It came out, and guess what- it was a Goomba!

LUIGI: Heeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllpppppppppp!

MARIO and Luigi start running. The GOOMBA is on their trail. It starts biting them when they fell over a shoe. An hour later, they distract the GOOMBA with some Cheese. And they run out of they building.

SOME GUY: Hey! What about that thi-!
MARIO: Sorry, we're Plumbers! We can't do that...

MARIO and Luigi run home while the GOOMBA is still attacking the man.

Icaac Guliver ends up playing a video game afterward and ends up becoming INSANE.


Morals of the Story

  • NEVER mess with a Goomba.


  • As stated way above, Goombas didn't appear in Mario Bros..
  • This includes more of Insane Guy's past before becoming insane.

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