Gloombas are emotionally unstable Goombas who are always depressed, thus turning their skin a dark blue and orange color. A Gloomba clone is a goomba that was created by Princess Daisy using Bowser poop, Gloomba DNA, and other people's DNA. These creatures have the power to launch poop at enemies. They will do anything that Daisy says.

But due to recent changes in dictatorship, Boss Nass is now the commander of gloombas, who ordered them to kill Daisy. Boss Nass teamed up with Weegee, Malleo, and Gay Luigi so he can make more shame games using the gloombas.


Gloombas have absolutely no talents whatsoever, they were rated as 'The worst game programmers of all time' and 'The clumsiest things ever'. They have attempted to program games such as Weegee Wars, which is now the world's most infamous game in history.

They do have one special talent, though, They were marked as the world's ugliest things ever, which can instantly turn Mario to a pile of poop if he does not have the mexican dwarf mushroom.


Super Mario Palette Swaps

Gloombas were found in the last world, due to the fact that they walk very fast, and they have such good reaction time that they notice you before they're even on the screen. The Gloombas have quick attack rate. They are even weaker than the Goombas. Also, Gloompa was the boss of world 4.

Gloombas are known as vicious and downright petrifying to the citizens of the Universal Solar System Milky Way Galaxy. No one knows why they are afraid of the Gloombas. Although Gloombas are known to steal, wear black wigs and use Koopa teeth to slice their wrists, they love the fleashy skin of corn dogs or corn dog byproducts.

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