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Goomba's are wicked awesome

A Goomba is an extremely dangerous and nearly indestructable enemy in the Mario games. He is Pudding's best chess opponent. He is also menacing and very scary. It was (Somehow) created by Mario for a small thing to laugh it but over time it grew. Then it cloned itself over 9000 times and then made an army and joined Evil Guy. Goombas are common enemies in the Japanese Mario games. Goombas are also a form of hallucinogenic mushroom; after eating one, humans feel "dead" and that they "lose one life". Overdoses are known as "game overs". Goombas have not yet appeared in any NOA Mario games, due to controversy. American parents, got riled up when they realized that Goombas don't face the same way they walk.

Here is a quote from a parent who was concerned about the kind of messages video games were bringing to her kids (until she murdered them with a chainsaw and two pocket protectors):

"Yes, if our kids see Goombas facing forward and walking left/right, then they might sta

The most highly detailed goomba of it's kind.

rt walking sideways as well. Then our kids could crack their skulls, and worse, our walls might become dirty. I think this is an abomination. My friends only let their kids play games like GTA: San Andreas and Girls Gone Missing! 3."

Next, parents will be criticizing Link from the Legend of Zelda series for never going to the bathroom during his adventures.

A Goomba was as a final boss in Super Mario: Attack of the Randomness, where it attacked by walking back and forth over and over again. So far, nobody has defeated the boss not even the creator (Boss Nass) and nobody knows what the ending is, but it is said that if you finish it Captain Falcon dances on the screen!

Also turning out the lights seems to make goombas glow blue, this may or may not have relevance to The King. as Goomba DINNER seems to be eaten in blackouts in Hyrule.

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