Raised by a couple of Yoshis that lived with Kirby and Pacman while just a little tyke, Gourmet Guy is a Fat Guy infamous for eating an entire universe in 1983. Abandoned by his true father and mother, he was adopted by two Yoshis who lived with other gluttonous people. This led to him having a million eating disorders due to metric tonnes of meals a day, and so day by day all he does is eat. He recently had 2 Heart Attacks at the same nanosecond, so now he now limits his diet to 9001 triple-cheeseburgers and Cupcakes  and countless meals a day , which is still extremely lethal.

Ready to eat the universe!

 Gourmet Guy obviously had troubles with the ladies but he finally got married with Fat Peach and even had a daughter. Some say he's related to Evil Guy .

Weight. He is currently 90000000000 kg, he was 9000000000000000000000 kg but then he went on his diet which is still pretty lethal.

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