Gourmet Peach is the daughter of Fat Peach and Gourmet Guy

, she is 23 years old and FAT! In fact she weighs 1895 pounds.

also she has a brother named Fattyiash

Early life

See Baby Gourmet Peach.

Teen Years

As a teenager she was FAT weighning at 600 pounds!! In fact they had to get her a new class just for her, she made friends with Lilifat who is Fat Daisy's daughter. who was also FAT!


She is FAT at 1895 pounds! She won 50 eating contests,and caused a building to collapse.

What she eats every day

  • 78 Cheeseburgers
  • Note this is only a guess, it could be more or less. Probably more.
  • 67 boxes of pizza
  • 89 chocolate bars
  • 999 cookies
  • 9,999 bottles of Mr. Pib
  • 890 corn dogs
  • 70,000 hotdogs 
  • 99,99999 rollups
  • 89,90 cakes
  • 56 muffins.

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