Grand Theft Mario is a shame released to the Pii in 1600s, it tells the story of a thief called Mario who has to steal Sony's money.


One day Mario receives a letter: "Plz Mario steal Sony's money or you are fired. Iwata" Mario get his popnut gun and his "car" to steal Sony people. In the half way to the city, Mario meets Peach 64 (not to be mistaken with some loser called Peach) and they get together to steal Sony's money. In the game, you get a variety of guns and henchmen as you steal more cars and money. The police, (Who are Toad and Force Ten) often try to get you but all they have is Fire Flowers. What is that gonna do against a tank (unlockable) that Mario stole? NOTHING. You just run over the Toads. At the end of the game you discover that it was BILL COSBY that sent you the note. Then he hits you with his ImaGonnaBlowYouRightOutofthisGame Gun. And you lose.

GTM by Artir



  • Grand Theft Vote fans criticized the shame for copying their idea.
  • Sony's president criticized the shame for stealing his money, but who cares?
  • Bush criticized the shame for not having him involved in the story, whatsoever, and demanded a sequel that involved him in the story. He is that idiotic.
  • Grand Theft Mario is Winnie the Poo's favorite game, because it involves stealing stuff, wich is his favorite thing to do.

Losers, I mean Characters

  • Mario (The stupid protagonist!)
  • Peach 64 (Mario's do-it-all)
  • Yoshi (the terrorist)
  • Loser d Tuani (The loser)
  • Muffy (The biggest loser ever)
  • Wario (another loser)
  • Bowser ("hero")

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