Guitar Hero: Po is a shame and show released in 1997 for the Nintendo 666  starring Po and the other Teletubbies in their quest to rock the Mushroom Kingdom.

Playable Characters

Tinky Winky: Instrument: Trumpet

Dipsy: Instrument: Accordion

La-La: Instrument: Drums

Po: Instrument: Guitar


The shame has a terrible plot, all it iswas the you know guys rocking the mushroom kindgdon, nuff said.


Level 1- Rexy

Level 2- Elmo

Level 3- Big Birds

Level 4- Wapeach

Level 5- Wowser  -    All wowser will say is 'wowser wowser wowser" until you defeat him

Level 6- cookie Monster

Level 7- Zoe

Level 8- Wa Po (final boss)


They also appear in Ikustaka Eats The Rubber Duck as side obstacles. They can be shot down for points. Tinky Winky is worth 20 points, Dipsy is worth 50 points, La-La is worth 100 points, and Po is worth OVER 9000 points.

Tv show

In 1997, just 2 weeks after the gmae was released, KBS aired a 4 season series based on the game. It ran from 1997-2001. It has the same bosses, same music, and same characters, but the director would arrange special guest. In 1998, the series became succsessful which merchandising. It also came with a sequel on the same shame console, called Guitar Hero: Wa Po.

Development and Trivia

  • Cdi ganon was going to be used as the final boss to become the fastest guitar player, but he was relaced by Wa Po, to make it more serious.
  • when you defeat Wowser, he doesn't say "wowser wowser wowser".
  • New mario was going to be the first boss of the game, but used rexy, because of his digusie (click his name for his disguise).
  • Elmo, big bird, cookie monster, and zoe were used in this game becausethe Tubbies were rivals with them.
  • This was released in Japan as The worst guitar hero game ever because this shame was unsuccsesful in japan.