Gum is very chewable and fun. When you chew it your strength, love level, and urine level boosted. You also get more speed and jump power, but nobody cares. You can also blow a bubble to float around. Mario may use it in upcoming Shames but I don't know.  He probably is, but who cares?


Gum is usually pink, but it also comes in many different colors like red, blue, yellow, purple, and every possible color under the sun. Each color tastes different but they do the same things as pink gum. Every color has a dumb name that goes with it.

  • Pink: Stupid Strawberry Gum
  • Red: 1010001 Gum
  • Light Blue: Lazor Gum
  • Green: Watermelon Gum (yep, not EVERYTHING is funny)
  • Yellow: Cheese Gum (populair)
  • Purple: Squadala Gum
  • Red: Mama-Mia Mario
  • Rainbow: WHOA! Gum

Dangers of Gum

Picture of Gum
If you swallow Gum your head will spin around for 5 seconds and might fall off. It can be easily be repaired, however.

Swallowing a Lazor Gum can be very dangerous for the people around you if you're unlucky.

You might be allergic.

WHOA! Gum will explode your eardrums.

How Gum relates to Mario

  • Mario will probably use it in a shame.
  • Mario likes to eat it, like everyone else.
  • Mario is red, and red is close to pink.
  • There is a red flavor called Mama-Mia Mario and tastes like Mushrooms.
  • Gum has the letter M in it.
  • Mario throws Gum at Freaks for no reason.
  • Gum has the letters G & U in in it. Mario uses those letters while he talks......sometimes..........
  • etc.

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