Real Name: Gwonam
Birth: 2345 B.C.
Age: 4358 years old
Health: Healthy
Family and relatives: Wasquadala Man (dad) Aladauqsaw woman (mom)
Impostor(s) Squadala Kirby, Squadala Knight, Dark Squadala Knight,
Death: Not dead

Squadala Man on his carpet.

“Squadala, we're off!”
Squadala Man
Sqadala Man

Squadala Man without his carpet of glory.

Squadala Man (who really is Gwonam) is an old guy who rides on Magic Carpet (from Disney's Aladdin). He was the main villain of Mama Luigi's Mansion, where he was forcing Mario to make 'Lotsa Spaghetti. He is also the ruler of the Squadala Empire, and recently took over East Hyrule. He lately declared his intentions to defeat the King of Hyrule to rule over West Hyrule. Oh, and also to take DINNER.

He has his own shame, Paper Squadala Man. He also is the owner of several businesses, like Squadala Cable, Squadala Burger, and Squadala Man's Carpet Warehouse.

You UN-funny people and the rest of the Crappies of YouTube refer to Squadala Man as Gwonam.

In The Legend of Zelda YTP RPG, Squadala Man appears as the first boss. He later joins Link and the King of Hyrule to defeat Ganon, who is the game's final boss.

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  • Squadala Gwonam land, the other amusement park that nobody cares about
  • Squadala Team
  • Squadala Burger
  • Square Enix (YES IT IS owned by squadala man)
  • Squadala Bomb
  • The Squadala League, which is NOT another name for the Squadala Empire

Theme Song

YouTube Poop Squadala For 2 Minutes02:01

YouTube Poop Squadala For 2 Minutes

The Squadala Man national theme song of annoyance.

YTPMV We're Off (Squa-da-la) EXTENDED VERSION02:08


His second theme song.

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