The Halbeard as it appears today

The Halbeard is a giant spaceship that Meta Knight bought and owned on his home planet of the Planet Korn. The bow resembles the front of his mask because he's conceded and self-absobed that way. The ship has gone through many hands of owner ship.

Mikey Jackson

The ship was originally made for Michael Jackson. He planned on using this ship to go around "rescuing" children from their homes. Sadly for him, his plan didn't work and he got arrested and the Halbeard was impounded at the police department in Alabama. Many hours later, Jackson was let free and the Halbeard turned over to him. Many years later, he would get bored of it and want to sell it.

George W. Bush

Jackson left the ship on the front lawn of the Black House in an attempt to get rid of it. shortly after, George W. Bush found it and named it "Englebert." He treated the ship better than he did his wife. He thought of it as the brother he never had. He took the ship everywhere with him and they became best friends... that is until that one night that that "Englebert" got "drunk" and said something about Bush's hair. Bush got so mad that he went to war with some other country and sent the ship back to Jackson, who would later try again to get rid of it.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight originally bought this for himself on his sixteenth birthday because no one cared about his birthday and he needed something to cheer him up. He bought it from a guy by the name of Michal Jackson, who was going around selling all his useless junk. Meta Knight bought the ship for only 2 dollars and Jackson's order to never return it back to him or George Bush ever again. Meta Knight renamed the ship "The Halbeard." Meta Knight later on got into a car accident that left his face terribly deformed, forcing him to put on a mask that hides his hideous face. Being as conceded as he was, he felt that the Halbeard should match his style, so he had an exact replica of his mask made to fit the bow of the ship.


Meta Knight currently uses the ship not only as a home, but as a transport to go around and kidnap women in as no owman alive would ever willingly go with a masked man who has a hideous face. So far with that ship, he has kidnapped over 300 women and 3 15-year old girls who he mistook for being older.


Some rumors say that the Halbeard might appear in the shame Stupid Mario Galaxy: The Jerkpire Strikes Back alongside its owner Meta Knight.

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