Hannah Montana ASPLODES LIVE IN SMK CHANNEL is the second episode of Mario and his LOW grades: The Shake Dimension, this time it stars Luigi Hannah Montana, Tails, Wario, Rosalina and Mario. It was supposed to break the fourth wall, but broke the third instead.

All starts when Hannah Montana is invited to sing at SMK TV... Meanwhile...

  • Tails *lolling*: I'll get revenge on Hannah cozy she stole my name.
  • Wario *arrives and farts without control*: Want help? last episode I had to write tons of words all fault of Hannah Montana!!!!!!! >:(
  • Tails*sarcastic*: lol
  • Wario*curious*: what can i do for helping???????? xD
  • Tails *xDing*: i dunno rofl
  • this person doesn't exist, so no help.
  • Mario *arrives and being annoying*: lolololololololol Wario is stupid lol
  • Luigi: Shut Up Mario lololololololol
  • Tails*sarcastic*: At least I got a F and you got a F- lol
  • Mario: I'll tell Wario's mom that he got a Z- lol
  • Wario*asploding*: I'll ASPLODE if you do
  • Tails*bulb appears above Tails's head*: I've got an idea!!
  • Luigi: You Bought A bulb?
  • Wario*Twinkling Eyes*: WHAT????
  • Mario: w00t
  • Tails: Let's asplode Hannah Montana !!!!
  • Mario: how evil I LIKE IT!
  • Wario: xD
  • Tails: we need a bomb...
  • Mario*xDing*: Wario gets one rofl
  • Hannah Montana* appears suddenly*: Hello! I suck! Who wants me to sing a song? (Silence).
  • Mario: We're gonna asplode y...
  • Tails quickly shuts Mario's mouth and says " asplode Peach"
  • Hannah Montana: xD i wanna asplode Peach too n_n
  • Wario*sarcastic*: 'k, now get a bomb
  • Hannah Montana passes 24h thinking where to start to search for a bomb
  • Hannah Montana: I got it! I'll come back in a sec'!
  • one second later
  • Mario: she still didn't come back...
  • Wario*farts up to 4000 decibels*: lol
  • After 2 days Hannah Montana appears
  • Hannah Montana: I'm back with a Big Bob Omb
  • SMK Guy'*starts recording*: where were u???? Let's start now, sing I Got Nerve and who the heck is this big bomb??????
  • Tails*gets a stick with fire and gasoline and hits the big bomb*: lololololol
  • Wario: Yay Hannah Montana Asploded!!!
  • Luigi: Eat The ....... Um?? Yellow Guy!! I Got A Nintendo Wee It's FUN
  • Mario: Yeah xD
  • SMK Guy: I'll bring the coke!
  • Tails: I'm screwed lol


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