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Henry is a Lumma that was abused. He met with Rosalina who later enslaved all the other Lummas and then making him her personal assistant.

Early life

Growing up, Henry was owned by Chuck Norris, who used him as a football, soccer ball, basketball, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Henry


ran away from home, eager to find his fellow Lummas and return to... wherever he was born. On his way, he met with a girl named Rosalina who seemed as tormented as he was. He conforted her and became her friend. Rosalina requested that they go find the other Lummas. Henry complied, not thinking that Rosalina had other things on her mind besides friendship.

Henry's Screw Up

Henry brought Rosalina to the other Lummas, who welcomed them as a part of their people. Rosalina however didn't accept that invitation so well. She whipped out a magic wand which enslaved al lof the other Lummas except Henry because Rosalina said to him "Your soul belongs to me." He became her personal assistant. The Lummas conquered everything Rosalina ordered them to and they won. She created a kingdom, but she was over thrown by Malleo and Weegee, who were later overthrown themselves.

Get a life

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