The Horror Land Round-About is a dark blot in Nintendo's history. Perhaps one of the least fair instances in all of history, Horror Land was constructed with a horrific round-about almost right after start, which, if taken, did little more than force the player to have to pass the previous Koopa Bank a second time. Evidence points towards the money-loving Koopa Troopa proprietor of the bank, due to his mutterings of "Sucker" everytime somebody fatally takes the Round-About.


  • The Horror Land Round-About never appeared in subsequent Mario Party games; many say this is because Horror Land also didn't appear. However, the playable characters in Mario Party 2 voted on what to keep and what to remove, and the Round-About was tied on. Princess Daisy was drafted to break the tie, but she fell ill to a disease before she could. Waluigi was then forceably enlisted to break the tie, and the Round-About never haunted a character's dreams again. This is also why Mario Party 3 has two new players.

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