Hyrule is the biggest part PHILIPS, full of castles, forests, deserts and kings. After Hyrulian Civil War it was split in two pats: West and East Hyrules. West Hyrule belongs to the King of Hyrule and East Hyrule belongs to Squadala Empire.

Places in Hyrule

  • West Hyrule
    • Hyrule Castle - King's castle. This is the capital of West Hyrule
    • City of the King - Largest city in the whole Hyrule
    • Ganon's Lair - No longer in usage, Now it's a Museum of the Evil Forces of Ganon
  • East Hyrule
    • Morshu's Castle - Place where Morshu lives
    • Morshu's Shop - Place where Morshu sells Lamp Oil, Rope and Bombs. The most popular place in the whole Hyrule.
    • Squadala Land - Secret Squadala Lab, discuised as an amusement park.

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