Photo This needs more pictures.

Do you even have any idea what this nonsense could look like? Please add some pictures to it!.

The Ice Climbers are actually a crazy girl named Nana with her sockpuppet Popo, who she pretends is alive and has him talk via ventriloquism. She constantly says that everything she does wrong is Popo's fault. They ocansinaly climb ice mountains together. They helped Ness get back his cheese from Pikachu. In the end, Nana was defeated by Poo, who got fed up of blaming her mistakes on a puppet. After that, Popo came alive and killed her with his hammer. Popo then controlled her corpse, becoming her left hand, which was eaten by Barney. Popo ditched Ness in favor of eating Link. Then Po laughed manically at her death.

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