That's how it used to look in 1600s.

It's-a Mobile was actually a mobile phone but those losers from Marioverse were so uninteligent (-5iq) that they had use bananas to communicate with each other during history lessons in school. Somewhere in 1600s they discovered a Samsung D600 and because they couldn't afford to buy a kart so they used this.


Aaaaaaagh! It's gonna eat ya!

Soon, somewhere in 2100s Evil Guy found out about this kart and he desperately wanted it (he was the only one who knew how to use it). Those dumb mushrooms, plumbers and other freky freaks agreed to swap Samsung D600 for an IphoneBoo version. Because it was a random bad guy's phone first, he built a monster to eat everyone who stared at it. But because Evil Guy was so intelligent, he never even thought about it. But when those Kushroomy Kingdomish freaky freaks started to drive on it, they died, and met Bob Saget. Other than that this is Mario's shopping cart in Mario Mart.

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