Its a Mobile 2 is the crappy and vandalised sequel to Its a Mobile. It begins when Lunchi gets a mobile from Eggman as his xmas present. His mobile was so awesome Mario stole it and then Lunchi pursued Mario to get his phone back.


There`s 2 worlds because Shiggy didn't bother to make others.

World1 - The land where men wear skirts

Mario used his warp pipe to hide inside Ness`s Lake (where the big horrendous monster dual headed evil being (Ness and Lucas) lives. In this stage Mario reports Lunchi to police using his phone. To get his mobile Lunchi must battle Mario in a dance kontest.

World 2 - The Compooper

Mario uses a compooper (Shy Guy`s)to crash the gameand Lunchi must use his recovered mobile to call Bowser and the hater in wikia. After Mario is defeated he dies and the game freezes thenmario revives and says `` Fanta Manta Drink Phanta it`s notBlanka and not Manta it`s Fanta, not Santa``

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