Item Shops are facilities owned by the Association of Board Hosts and ran by Kroopa Toopa, a Koopa Troopa with a mustache. Other than selling cheese, Item Shops are notorious for selling cheap, one-time use items at outstandingly high prices (i.e. a Mushroom--which may only be used ONCE--costs 5 Coins that somebody spend their good time earning). Many a Mario Party character has been scammed, ripped off, and cheated by Kroopa Toopa (who secretly doubles as Koopa Troopa, the proprietor of the Koopa Bank). However, in the end lives were saved and poverty was slowed down, thanks to a mob of angry Mario Party characters that attacked after Mario Party 3. Though thanks to simply using an alias while running the store Koopa could still harrow people with his Bank Capsule in Mario Party 5, Item Shops were taken over by various lower ranking members of the Association starting with Mario Party 4.