The Ix-Box 7,584,269.3 complete with annoying controller

The IX-Box 7,584,269.3 was intended to be the greatest superweapon since Pickle's and the successor of the IX-Box. It was designed in secret and only three people knew about it: Bill Gates, Wario and Microsoft Sam (Waluigi left out because Nobody likes him, so at least he has one person that likes him... well, that person is invisible). The console itself was made to look like an giant I and came with an incredibly frustrating controller which would give anyone who couldn't figure it out, a fatal case of Cbeebies and would turn the victim into an onion (something extra Microsoft Sam added). Its plans were storen on board Halo and was then captured and taken to the Death Cube. The Nintendo battlestation was destroyed with the plans and it is unknown if Anybody bothered to carry out its construction.


Some games were intended to appear on the new Ix-Box such as:

  • Halo 94 (The fanboys wanted a 94quel)
  • Super Dubya Universe
  • Cog of Peace
  • Cog of Peace 2
  • Ronald McDomald's Unnamed Game

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