Jump is a character... well.... jumps into the air! Mario blew up in the game Super Mario Brothers 4 so only Link, Bowser, Peach, and Daisy can jump. Peach first invented jumping when her hairspray was (oddly) floating above her showerhead. While her neighbor Daisy was spying on her she tripped over Bowser who was staying for a slumber party and she bounced on Mario's head and launched into the air, just to be kidnapped Chuck Norris and saved by Luigi who she married and had 37 kids who all looked like Mario so Luigi got mad and Put a bomb into Mario's mouth and blew up while Daisy was going to Peach's sleepover. Fawful suddenly appeared summoned a time warp in which Daisy was pushed into and appeared inside Peach's house the day she invented jumping. She learned how to jump that day and Bowser was telling his koopas that they should go kill Link for no reason and so they got into a warp pipe and pressed the Hyrule button, and Link had to fight them, but he figured out that you have to jump to kill them.


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