Katsu is an awesome move used by

Deidara in many ways, from turning the TV on to brutally incapitating German Weegees. It is made from Nitroglycerin and (mysteriously) George W. Bush. It is rare for someone to know this move, as very few people know this move. Also, Mario achieved this technique by unknown reasons, as first demonstrated in the Katsu War to finish off Malleo in a single blow. However, he has not used it since, though he was about to use it during his fight with the Teletubbies, but the fight was interrupted by Bartholomew Kuma, who scattered the Teletubbies across the planet. The Tubbies current whereabouts are unknown except for Po, who landed in George W. Bush's house. The others are presumed dead.
Katsu - Deidara00:10

Katsu - Deidara

This is Katsu, the attack of Deidara.

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