Katsu war

The Katsu War is a very intense war, involving Mario, Bario, Weegee, Deidara, German Weegees and Soviet Luigis.


Mario heard about the recent death of the Angry German Kid and what happened to him, so Mario went and killed Malleo with his new Katsu move. After hearing what happened to his big brother, Weegee telepathicly contacted the German Weegees from inside the German prison and ordered them to find the Katsu Paper where the Katsu spell is located. After they infiltrated Hyrule Castle, stole it and learnt it, they charged at Mario's Mansion. The unsuspecting Mario ordered the Soviet Luigis to attack the VAQ Ms

During The War

During this not-so secret war, many families were devastated because the German Weegees were robbing their houses for supplies. They were also 'recruiting' saidfamilies so that they can destroy Mario, Bario and Deidara. The VAQ Ms in Toad Town were worried about Mario and Bario, but not Deidara because he pwned approx. 99% of Toad Town. After a week of this war, Bario decided to charge at the German Weegees and annialate them. He was successful, but he died after using C0. Mario and Deidara missed them so much that they made a replica of the Revival Machine and revived Bario and the Angry German Kid. To be continued...

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