Kirby Atmosphere Race is a racing shame released exclusively for the Nintendo GameSquare. It sucked out loud because most of the Atmosphere Race Floaties made you lose. It stars Kirby, Batamon, a fat penguin, Princess ButterSprinkles, and that dinosaur that eats everything.

The Various Floaties

Hidden Floaties

The Various Levels

  • Scorching Hot Meadows— A "beautiful" meadow that over 10,000 times hotter than the Sun.
  • Cheese Valley— A valley made out of cheese.
  • Mario's Guts— A Race Track that takes place inside of Mario.
  • Flaming Hillside— This course takes place on a hillside that's on fire; in fact, right after the race starts, the hillside asplodes, killing everyone.
  • Molasses Flows— This Track takes place near a volcano full of Molasses; unfortunately, this race track is made almost entirely out of molasses, and if you touch it you sink to your death.
  • Beanstalk Palace— This track has the highest death ratio because it takes place inside of a palace.
  • Milky Cave— This race course takes place inside of a cave full of Milk. There's no solid ground on this level. Also, if you touch it you die.
  • DINNER Arena— This track takes place inside of DINNER. The layout of the course is unknown.
  • Never-Ending Belt— This is one of the unlockables in this shame. However, although this track is considered the "easiest" of them all, it has no finish line.

Enemies Found in this Shame

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