Kongo Jungle is a vast jungle of vines, waterfalls, and bugs. It made its first appereance in Super Smash Bros. LIVE ACTION! as a dangerous place to live. The characters were changed but not the stage that was the REAL Kongo Jungle. This is where Donkey Kong was born. He survived on his own but got away from that place as soon as possible.



Did you know the island itself didn't start off as an island. Believe it or not it started off as a 5 inch rock in space. But in 1409 that rock was found by Nintendo and brought to the lab for expirements. Shigeru Miyamoto found this as an opportunity to test this rock out on his new invention the island-nator so when the rock was brought to the lab the island-nator zapped at it and the rock was thrown out into outer space. The rock grew and grew until the rock was an island.