This is a live legend .
This person is supposed to be here for being AWESOME, all hail!

“Oh Kirby, everyone knows your other usernames. No they don't? Well, I know. Plz tell me 'bout ip adddress changing. I'm interested. I come from Unmario as well as OMG, mario's *** is on fire and it's gonna explode!!! (quite a long username to remember)”
Kool Koopa, on MarioWiki

Kool_Koopa was considered as spammer in MarioWiki Forum. Kool_Koopa was spamming just for 2 months and it (I can't say neither he or she) got banned for saying the thruth about Mario (and wanted to become a legend like Rudnicki. When Kool_Koopa got banned, it moved to this Wikia (heard from MK News) and... PANIC!!! OMG KOOL_KOOPA IS AMONG US!!! OH NOEZ!!! LOLZ11!!

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