Koopa Banks are facilities from the Mario Party games. They are infamous for being the base of operations of the money-loving Koopa Troopa, who repeatedly scams people for no reason other than to strike it rich. Things Koopa Banks are notable for:

  • Koopa Banks are notorious for being "inconveniently" located right next to a loop that takes the player right back to the bank. (instance: Horror Land)
  • Koopa Banks are sometimes located in such terrible spots, such as right in front of Toad; this is not a coincidence. Toad and Koopa are in cahoots.
  • Item Shops are ran by exactly the same Koopa as the Banks; however, few realize this because the Item Shop Koopa wears a fake mustache.
  • The reason why Koopa Bank Spaces are almost never landed on it because Koopa rigs the Dice Block.

Koopa Banks have been known for many treacherous money-making deeds. The worst instance was when Koopa set up a sign in Horror Land, informing the players that a Star was in a certain direction; however, there was no Star, and the direction led to the infamous Horror Land Round-About.

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