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Complete Cute like

Well You see...............................

Here we have many Inspirational Photographs for the Koopa Troop during the Great Video Game War

Koopa Troopas are slow, sluggish, yellow cupcake-eating turtles (with green shells) of very little importance. Most work for Good Guy. Strangely, despite being the second lowest rated in the Koopa Soup, Koopas hate Goombas, and have started a war. They also love waffles. Koopas also appear in Dragon Quest: Un-Mario Edition as soldiers who fight The Dark, the game's main antagonists.

Notable Koopas

The Koopa Troopa

One notable Koopa Troopa is second-in-command of the evil Association of Board Hosts. He is infamous for constructing the fiendish Horror Land Round-About, and normally runs the Koopa Banks. Additionally, he secretly also runs the Item Shops while wearing a mustache and going under the alias Kroopa Toopa. Nobody can scam people better than Koopa Troopa; at times, he'll even team up with his associate Squirtle, or his boss Toad. Lastly, Koopa Troopa notably competes with the neighboring ten-star Turtwig Bank.


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