Lario (oringinally known as Larry) was a cucumber that wears a Mario hat and creeps out everyone, including King Boo. He seems to have gotten kicked out of Veggie Tales. No one knows why. He was one of Mario's enemies for being green and has a brother named Bobigi. He's Cario's younger brother and the boss of the seventh world in Super Mario Pallette Swaps, in Lario Tower. NintenDO once used him to replace Mario. He's an unlockable character in Mario Hoops 5-On-5. He likes to eat pickles, which is cannibalism since he is a cucumber (The cousins of pickles.). Mario and luigi's friends got mad at him so they threw him out on the street. They say now that Lario is still out there but he has not been seen for over 8900 years.

Real Name: Larry S. Cumber
Birth: Sept. 2, 1903
Age: 111 when he died, would be 112 if alive
Health: Dead
Family and relatives: None
Impostor(s) None
Death: Sept. 11, 2014
Homer eating donut

The man who ate the salad Lario was in!


Lario died in 2014 while mowing the lawn. He is now a salad that was eaten by Homer Simpson!